Procurement Opportunities

The Town Administrator serves as the Chief Procurement Officer for the Town. For questions, please email the Board of Selectmen. If you receive documents from this website, email the Board of Selectmen to ensure addenda and any other updates are provided to you for that respective procurement opportunity.

Current Procurement Opportunities

View the RFQ for Dighton's Vital Records Preservation & Digitization Project.

In accordance with Massachusetts General Law Chapter 30B, the Town of Dighton, acting through its Board of Selectmen and Town Clerk Department, invites quotes from qualified individuals and firms for restoration services related to restore eight (8) vital record books including the Towns Proprietors’ records dating to the 1600’s to include restoration of books, preservation of books, digitization of books and creating a true copy of books.

Quotes are invited and will be received by the Town Administrator, Town of Dighton, Massachusetts on or before 4:00 PM, April 20, 2023 at the Town Administrator’s Office, Town of Dighton Town Hall, 979 Somerset Avenue, Dighton, MA 02715. Proposals delivered after the appointed time and date will not be considered.

Five (5) copies of the proposal shall be submitted in a sealed envelope marked “RFQ # 23-01 – Vital Records and Town Proprietors Records: Restoration, Preservation, Digitization, and True Copy Project.

The Town reserves the right to cancel any request for proposals, and to reject in whole or in part any and all proposals, when it is deemed in the best interests of the Town to do so.

Date of Advertisement
Monday, April 3, 2023

Submissions Due
Thursday, April 20, 2023, 4:00 p.m.

Late Submissions Will Be Rejected

Deliver Completed Submissions to:
Town of Dighton
Chief Procurement Officer
979 Somerset Avenue
Dighton, MA 02715

For Further Information, Please Contact:
Michael Mullen, Chief Procurement Officer, Town of Dighton
Phone:  508-669-6431 Option 1
Email Michael Mullen