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Chief Procurement Officer
Equal Employment Officer
Administrator of Insurance
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Executive Assistant
Leeanne Kerwin
Administrative Assistant

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General Purpose
As chief administrative officer of the town, performs high level administrative, technical and professional work in directing the activities of the Town's departments, commissions, boards and offices under the jurisdiction of the Board of Selectmen, and other town departments and organizations as directed.

Supervision Received
Works under the broad policy direction of the Town Board of Selectmen.

Supervision Exercised
Has administrative supervision over all town departments reporting to the Board of Selectmen.

Duties & Responsibilities
Manages the daily operations of the Selectmen's office and supervises support personnel; attends all regular and special meetings of the Board of Selectmen; keeps Selectmen informed of ongoing activities and issues; conducts research and prepares agenda, reports and presentations as directed by the Selectmen.

Plans, coordinates, and administers the activities of town departments, commissions, boards and offices under the jurisdiction of the Board of Selectmen; coordinates the activities of all town departments, boards and commissions, develops policy proposals, recommends policy alternatives to the Selectmen; implements polices and directives adopted by the Board.

Serves as the liaison officer of the Board of Selectmen with all of the departments, boards and agencies of the Town.

Performs a public relations function for the Town in dealing with local business, community members and local media; responds to inquiries and requests for information: makes referrals to appropriate boards, departments or officials; and makes frequent contact with local, state and federal officials.

Collaborates, receives and approves all budgets for those departments, the head of which or whose administrative boards are appointed, or are required to report to a subcommittee of the board.

Continuously reviews departmental budgets that have been submitted and shall, from time to time as he/she deems necessary, request said departments and/or boards to meet with him/her for the purpose of reviewing their receipts and expenditures during the year.

Advises the Town Board of Selectmen of financial conditions and current and future Town needs.

Administers personnel policies of the Town including oversight of all benefits and insurance programs; assists in or represents the Town in negotiation of labor contracts; recruits, screens, and interviews applicants for high-level town positions; evaluates the performance of department heads under the Selectmen's jurisdiction; hires all employees under the Selectmen's jurisdiction for those positions not requiring an appointment by the Selectmen.

Oversees research and applications for grants and provides oversight for grants received. Prepares bids, RFP's, etc., in accordance with Mass General Laws Chapter 30B and Chapter 149.

Responsible for maintenance of Town Buildings and purchase of heating oil.

Responsible for purchasing all material, equipment, and supplies of the Town except otherwise provided by law. Negotiates contracts involving any subject within his jurisdiction. These proposed contracts shall be subject to final approval and execution by the Selectmen.

Responsible to conduct a full and complete inventory of all property of the Town, both real and personal.

Acts as the Town's Municipal Hearing Officer, if Selectmen so direct. Acts as the Town's Information Systems Director, if selectmen so assign.

May serve and report on committees or commissions as directed by the Board of Selectmen.

Performs other similar or related duties as required or exercises other duties and powers as are provided for in the General Laws of Massachusetts.