Current Grant Status

The Town routinely applies for grants to accomplish projects that would otherwise be competing for local taxdollars. Below are the statuses of some of our current grants. Updated as of  10.27.2020.

MassEVIP grant $5,000
The Town recently was awarded $5,000 to be considered toward the purcahse of a 2020 Hybrid Plug In Ford Escape. The purchase of the vehicle will be proposed at the Special Town Meeting on November 16, 2020. Should the article not pass by majority vote, the $5,000 will be returned to the state. The vehicle will be a replacement of an old crown victoria that is currently used by the Inspectional Services team - Building Commissioner, Health Agent, and Conservation Agent. These folks travel to construction sites and other field sites and are in need of a vehicle with lift and also a vehicle that will store minimal equipment. The purchase of an eco-friendly vehicle aligns with our energy efficiency vehicle policy adopted as part of the Town's Green Community designation in 2018.

Culvert Replacement Grant                    $150,000 Division of Ecological Resources
This is a construction grant which will be used to build a 17-foot culvert on Briggs Street. We will also be rebuilding the roadway. The grant, which will hopefully be used with and award through the NFWF grant discussed below, is the second part of this project. The first part, also funded through DER, consisted of engineering, permitting and design. We are thrilled to continue our work on rebuilding this culvert. Not only will it improve conditions for wildlife in the area, but it will better manage stormwater and provide a higher-quality roadway. The massive and chronic flooding that habitually occurs will be greatly improved post construction.

Shared Streets and Shared Spaces Grant         $168,242.30 MassDOT
As a response to Covid 19 economic impacts, the state released funding through MassDOT to install temporary or permanent installations that allow for sharing the streets. The Town is in receipt of this grant to install new sidewalks along the Pleasant Street, Somerset Avenue, and Main Street intersection. This project connects previously installed sidewalks and rebuilds some that are wholly insufficient. This neighborhood, upon completion of this installation, will now be able to travel safely via sidewalk to a bus stop, the Public Library, Fire Station 1, and two playgrounds (Palmer Street and Lane Field). This was project number 2 on our Prioritization Plan for Complete Streets. Between this grant and the Complete Streets funding we received earlier this year, we have now completed our top four projects on that list!

ADA Self Evaluation and Transition Plan      $30,000 Mass. Office of Disability
UPDATE: The Draft Self Evaluation and Tranistion Plan has been submitted after an audit of exterior and interior spaces! Town officials have had the opportunity to review and issue comments. Now it is the public's turn! You were so incredible with our original survey, we hope you'll see the results of the hard work and take a follow up survey here. Thank you for your assistance in compiling this very important information.

Additionally, the school's upgrade to the Dighton Elementary School walkway to the outdoor classroom was completed, providing an ADA Compliant walkway!

Complete Streets    $227,442.00    Mass. Department of Transportion
This grant will fund long-awaited sidewalk and roadway projects at theSomerset Avenue/Center Street intersection and on Pearl Street. It also includes bicycle signage to be installed town-wide. Construction is slated for June and July 2020.

Municipal Vulnerabilities Plan with Hazard Mitigation Plan         $22,000  MEMA
Municipal Vulnerabilites Plan (MVP) in Final Draft form has been submitted to MEMA for their review. We intend to use it to apply for an Action Grant Spring 2020 to study the Segregansett River hydrology. The Hazard Mitigation Plan requires further actions with our Core Team. A list of mitigation items have been sent to the Core Team for review. Once reviewed, the Plan will be finalized and then submitted for approval.

We are applying for an MVP Action Grant for FY21 based upon our MVP. We've selected a comprehensive study of the Segreganset River Watershed Area, dam assessment, and hydrology study. The project, once completed, will enable the Segreganset River, and any projects related to it, to qualify for special funding in the future.

View the Hazard Mitigation Plan. Public Comment has ended and we have submitted our plan to MEMA for their review and approval.

National Fish and Wildlife Coastal Resilience and MA Division of Ecological Resources
Our applications for these grants are pending and they work together. The DER grant, if awarded, will serve as the Town's match to the federal Coastal Resilience grant. The Town appropriated $150,000 that would serve as the Town's match for this project in the event the DER grant was not received. The funds will be used to complete construction of a culvert replacement on Briggs Street. The study, design and engineering, and permitting for this project was completed in FY19 with grant funds from DER. We are eager to complete this project to restore safety for the wildlife crossing the area, to better control stormwater and silt run off, repair the roadway suffering from massive erosion, prevent culvert collapse, and to eliminate the chronic flooding that poses a public safety threat. The Town thanks the Nature Conservancy and the Town of Bridgewater for their partnership in this grant opportunity.

Green Communities Designation     Department of Energy Resources  $144, 636.00
Update: We received over $24,000 in rebates from National Grid for installing the electric vehicle charging stations, which are now available for use! Visit the Green Communities page for current information on this grant and its projects.