Current Grant Status

The Town routinely applies for grants to accomplish projects that would otherwise be competing for local taxdollars. Below are the statuses of some of our current grants.

ADA Self Evaluation and Transition Plan      $30,000 Mass. Office of Disability
Currently auditing exterior and interior properties. Tallying surveys on services and policies. Soliciting public input (take the survey here.)

Complete Streets    $227,442.00    Mass. Department of Transportion
Work on Somerset Avenue/Center Street intersection and Pearl Street anticipated to begin Spring 2020. Bicycle signage to be installed town-wide.

Municipal Vulnerabilities Plan with Hazard Mitigation Plan         $22,000  MEMA
Municipal Vulnerabilites Plan in Final Draft form has been submitted to MEMA for their review. We intend to use it to apply for an Action Grant Spring 2020 to study the Segregansett River hydrology. The Hazard Mitigation Plan requires further actions with our Core Team. A list of mitigation items have been sent to the Core Team for review. Once reviewed, the Plan will be finalized and then submitted for approval.

View the Hazard Mitigation Plan. We are now accepting public comments. Email by June 5, 2020.

Green Communities Designation     Department of Energy Resources  $144, 636.00
Visit the Green Communities page for current information on this grant and its projects.