Veteran's Services

Veteran's Services Officer
Office Manager
Old Town Hall, Lower Level
1111 Somerset Avenue 
Dighton, MA 02715
774-872-0211,  774-872-0944, 774-872-0942
(774) 872-0293
OFFICE: Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday: 7:30am-4:30pm
Wednesday: 7:30am-5:30pm
Friday: CLOSED
Town of Dighton
Monday & Tuesday: 7:30am-4:30pm
Town of Berkley
Wednesday:  7:30am-1:30pm

The Veterans Services office is open every day of the week.  The Veteran's Services Officer is available to meet with veterans on Mondays 7:30am to 5:00pm and Tuesdays 7:30am to 12pm.  The office manager takes calls during the balance of the week and will refer them to the Veteran's Service Officer when necessary.

Mission Statement
Veteran's Services was established in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts after World War II ended.  At present, Massachusetts is the only state that offers veterans this benefit program.  Veteran's Services under Massachusetts General Law Chapter 115, 108 CMR mandates that every town and city appoint a Veteran's Services Officer to disburse benefits under the guidelines of Chapter 115.

Veteran's Services was started just after WW II ended as a means of maintaining the dignity of the veteran.  The Commonwealth felt that veterans needing assistance should not have to depend on welfare for assistance.

All Veteran's Services Officers also assist veterans for the Veterans Administration which is a part of the federal government, providing forms, information, and other assistance.  Such benefits include employment, vocational and educational opportunities, hospitalization, medical care, service and non-service pensions, etc.

75% of all benefits paid to veterans by the town are reimbursed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  Similarly seventy-five percent of the cost of all flags placed on veteran's graves on Memorial Day and any burial expenses is also reimbursed.

Benefits are provided individually to each veteran or dependent under the guidelines after an application has been filed for assistance based on their income and assets.  A veteran's DD214 (discharge paper) is required for eligibility.  Those who have misplaced or lost their DD214, there are applications available in my office to send for it.

Applications are also on file to apply for lost medals, veterans' license plates and burial expenses, as well as for pensions, compensation, education, loans, etc.