Fortnite Tournament at the Dighton Public Library

 Got a couple Victory Royales under your belt and fancy yourself good at Fortnite? Come prove your skill at our Dighton Public Library Fortnite Frenzy Solos Tournament! 

On Tuesday, February 19, 2019, we're hosting a Fortnite Frenzy tournament at the Dighton Public Library, located at 395 Main St, Dighton, MA. Tournament entry is FREE and you DO NOT need to be a library member to attend. Friendlies begin at 3:30pm, official tournament brackets start at 4:00pm.

Our scoring system for Fortnite Frenzy is, for each drop, your placement, -5 points per kill, and -5 points for a Victory Royale.

Once all players are entered into the tournament, their names are shuffled and called in order to sit down at a set up and perform a single drop. When their drop is over, the next available player is called to that set up to perform their drop. After each drop, a player's score is recorded by a staff member and entered on our live leaderboard. Player's will continue to perform drops in this order for the entire duration of the event, so each player will get several drops throughout the event. However, ONLY A PLAYER'S BEST SCORE will be entered on the leaderboard, so your placement on the leaderboard can only improve throughout the event.

This structure ensures that all players have an equal chance at snagging first place and can remain in the event all the way to the end.