The Board of Selectmen has begun reviewing, revamping and developing various policies. We will post them as they become approved and effective.

ADA Grievance Policy (Approved  September 18, 2019)
Social Media Policy (Approved October 9, 2019)
Personnel Record Policy (Draft)
Tobacco and Smoke Free Workplace (Draft)
Reservation and Use of Town Facilities (Approved 8/14/2019)
Credit Card Use Policy (Approved 6/27/2019)
Written Information Security Plan (WISP) (Approved 5/8/2019)
Computer Use and Electronic Communication Rules & Regulations (Approved 3/20/2019)
Use of Town Counsel (Approved 1/23/19)
Tuition Reimbursement Policy (Approved 12/12/18)
Internship Program (Approved 12/12/18)
Displays of Holiday Decorations (Approved 11/28/18)
Vacation Request Form  (Approved 11/28/2018)                     
Board of Selectmen Rules & Procedures  (Approved 11/28/2018)
Town Vehicle Use Policy  (Approved 11/14/2018)
Energy Reduction Plan  (Approved 10/24/2018) 
Drug Free Workplace Policy 
(Approved 10/24/2018) 

Performance Evaluation Policy (Approved 10/3/2018) 
Performance Evaluation Form  (Approved 10/3/2018) 
Fuel Efficient Vehicle Policy  (Approved 8/8/2018)
Anti-Harassment Policy (Approved 4/4/2018)            
Financial Statement
  (Approved 1/31/2018)

Selectmen Meeting Agenda Policy (Approved 1/17/2018)
Eagle Scout Project Guidelines (Approved 10/18/2017)
Recorded Public Meetings Policy (Approved 12/14/2016)
Damaged Mailbox Policy (Approved 8/13/2014)