Staff Directory

Department Name First Name Last Name Title Email Phone
Board of Selectmen Karin Brady Executive Assistant (508)-669-6431
Board of Selectmen Brett Zografos Selectman (508)-386-7328
Board of Selectmen Kenneth Pacheco Selectman (508)-375-1380
Board of Selectmen Nancy Goulart Selectman (508)-823-6179
Clerk Susana Medeiros Clerk (774)-872-1111
Clerk Pamela Waller Assistant Clerk (508)-669-5411
Treasurer/Collector Mary Hathaway Treasurer/Collector (508)-824-6538
Treasurer/Collector Christina Franca Assistant Treasurer/Collector (508)-669-5411
Assessing Carol Beauregard Assessor (508)-669-6291
Highway Thomas Ferry Superintendent (774)-218-5339
Planning Kerrie Easterday Office Manager (508)-669-6636
Accounting Christopher Laviolette Accountant (508)-669-6431
Accounting Linda McCarron Assistant Accountant (508)-669-6431
Building James Aguiar, Jr. Building Commissioner (508)-669-4524
Veteran's Services/Building Nancy Pinto Office Manager (508)-669-4524
Veteran's Services/Veteran's Agent Donald Hirschy Veteran's Services Officer (508)-669-4524
Fire Christopher Maguy Fire Chief (508)-669-6611
Harbormaster Ronald Marino Harbormaster (508)-958-0634
Health Thomas Pires Board of Health (774)-872-0943
Health Matthew Tanis Board of Health (774)-872-0943
Health Kevin Bernardo Board of Health (774)-872-0943
Health Rosalind Grassie Office Manager (774)-872-0943
Assessing Valerie Wilson Assistant Assessor (508)-669-5043
Police Robert MacDonald Police Chief (508)-669-6711
Police Karlene Bourque Administrative Assistant (508)-669-6711
Sewer Dianne Curtis Office Manager (508)-669-5111
Sewer Joelle Anger Senior Clerk (508)-669-5111
Transfer Station Joseph Tedesco Transfer Station Attendant (508)-669-5182
Council on Aging Alice Souza Executive Director (508)-823-0095
Library Jocelyn Tavares Director (508)-669-6421
Library Britt Grealish-Rust Circulation (508)-669-6421
Library Lorie Van Hook Children's Services (508)-669-6421
Library Phyllis Haskell Adult & Technical Services (508)-669-6421
Animal Control Stacy Ferry Animal Control Officer (774)-218-5340
Council on Aging Anabela Powell Administrative Assistant (508)-823-0095
Prime Time Sheila Neu Assistant Program Director (508)-669-6272
Administrator Mallory Aronstein Administrator (508)-669-6431
Zoning Board of Appeals Jonathan Gray Office Manager (774)-872-0945
Assessing Lisa Tetreault Senior Clerk (508)-669-5043
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Coordinator Jonathan Gale ADA Coordinator (774)-872-0924
Health Todd Pilling Health Agent/Inspector (774)-872-0943
Fire Rebeca Moss Administrative Assistant (508)-669-4510
Board of Selectmen Leeanne Kerwin Administrative Assistant (508)-669-6431
Treasurer/Collector Rebecca Mello Clerk (508)-669-6431