Town of Dighton Launches Financial Dashboard

Town Administrator Michael Mullen is pleased to launch a financial dashboard for the Town of Dighton in an effort to keep residents informed about town finances and the town’s fiscal position.

The financial dashboard, which is the first of its kind for the Town of Dighton, can be found on the Town of Dighton’s Administrator webpage here. The dashboard will be updated at least once a year, or whenever updated information is available.

The financial dashboard includes information about free cash and the best practices relating to the use of free cash, details about the town’s excess levy capacity to reinforce the town’s fiscally-responsible and conservative budgeting framework, information on the town’s budget per capita and more.

The dashboard also includes the town’s current bond rating of Aa3 which reflects the high-quality financial condition/low credit risk of the Town and highlights the Town of Dighton’s five-year trends.

“Throughout the past several years, diligent efforts have been made by town officials to ensure Dighton’s strong fiscal position,” Town Administrator Mullen said. “With the launch of this financial dashboard, we are continuing to exemplify our commitment to transparency in budgeting and managing the town’s fiscal affairs while reaffirming our Town’s fiscally-responsible budgeting principles, which can be seen on the dashboard.”

The launch of this dashboard coincides with a Financial Management Review being conducted by the State’s Division of Local Services in partnership with town officials. The Financial Management Review is focused on fiscal management best practices aimed to help improve Dighton’s financial future by focusing on strengthening the town’s Financial Team model, financial forecasting, capital planning opportunities and other practices recommended by the Division of Local Services (DLS).The financial dashboard was created using information compiled from Dighton’s Town Budgets, Tax Recap Forms and the DLS’s Municipal Finance Dashboard.

Financial Dashboard