Importance Mosquito & Pesticide Spray Notice

The Bristol County Mosquito Control Project makes truck-based ULV applications in the Town of Dighton typically on Wednesday mornings, weather permitting, between 2am and sunrise.  Due to high request volume in some towns, not all areas of a town are completed in one day and may require additional applications the following week(s) to complete all requests. To determine if your specific street is on the schedule for the following morning, please call our Answering Service line (617) 582-6218 after 3pm the evening before your Town’s scheduled day.

 *In addition, West Nile virus/EEE positive mosquito pools, increased mosquito populations or human/horse cases may increase spraying frequency or change application day.

 To excluded private property from pesticide applications, please visit the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources for information on pesticide exclusions, please visit:

To make a spraying request, you can call at (508) 823-5253 or fax at (508) 828-1868, or email a spray request to: Please include your name and full address including zip code.

 More information may be found by visiting: or by calling the office at (508) 823-5253.